Your Feedback Matters to Us

Law Enforcement

“Should be given in police academies if not already doing so.”
“The speakers were outstanding. They gave me a better understanding on how to deal with the mentally ill.”
“Pat was a great speaker. Her stories kept my interest the entire time she was speaking. Great! She obviously is very passionate about the subject matter.”
“The 4 hour course could easily be an 8 hr. class with the abundance of material to be presented.”
“All law enforcement agencies should hear this presentation.”


“Learning the different brain disorders helped me give me a better perspective understanding of how and why callers act on the phone.”
“We have not had any information like this before. What took so long? Totally needed for dispatch.”  
“I really enjoyed the wheel of emotions and the active listening presentation.”
“I loved hearing from an actual officer still working on the road. I felt what they said was very relevant.”
“The handouts were awesome. I plan on sharing them with my co-workers.”
“That taking care of myself is just as important as the need to help the people on the other side of the phone or radio.”  
“I was unaware of the various resources available regarding mental illness.”
“The reminder of the issues that people with brain disorders face and how important our interaction is with them.”
“The information provided affected me personally with my family and myself.”

Hospital Staff

“This was all so important! We should be compassionate because we are nurses. That’s what our profession should be, but not enough of us are … We need more of these presentations and it should be MANDATORY!”
“I really am grateful for presentations like these both as a nurse and as a member of a family affected by mental illness. This is great information that I will take with me into practice.”
“The stories related. It put a face on the illness and let us know we must try to help those afflicted even when they deny the need.”
“Every nurse and doctor should go to this presentation.”
“This was the best presentation I have seen in 22+ years.”
“The presentation will forever change my views toward persons with mental illness.”
“I applaud Mary’s courage. She was awesome. Pat was a great speaker as well.”
“Life changing evening!! You have made a huge impact on my nursing career.”
“Absolutely excellent!”
“Mary and Pat were very engaging.”

Library Staff

“The speakers have personal experience with mental illness, and they spoke in non-clinical language.”
“This was one of the most informative & practical staff trainings we have had.”
“Profoundly interesting in content & development. Packed with practical information.”
“The personal tone made it much more engaging and relatable than a more removed presentation would have been.”
“I think the greatest strength was that the presenters actually dealt with/have experience with mental illness. In this way they know from their experiences what they are teaching about that the info isn’t just book learned. It makes it more real.”
“Speakers Pat and Mary were fantastic.”